Joy for everyone. Now and in the future.

Aviko's mission is 'Bringing joy to tables all over the world'. We put this mission into practice by connecting people, cultures and tastes at tables all over the world. Aviko takes its responsibility and believes in joy for everyone, in the entire chain from 'farm to fork'. Joy for growers, suppliers, customers, end-users, consumers, colleagues and, of course, for our planet. Today and tomorrow.

Aviko believes in the power of connection and cooperation throughout the full chain. With its positive attitude and strong international commitment, Aviko has the ambition to play a leading role in creating a sustainable, future-proof chain.

To contribute to a better world, Aviko has reviewed its sustainability strategy and formulated its ambitions on the basis of three principles and three pillars. For Aviko, a better world means a world that is more plant-based, transparent and circular. Aviko focuses on 'joy for everyone, now and in the future' via the following three pillars: Proud Farmers, Healthy Earth and Happy People.

Read more about Aviko's ambitions in the sustainability report 2021 'Connecting people today, a better world tomorrow'