Aviko supplies suitable potato products for every market (foodservice, retail or industrial), partnering the best retailers and foodservice organisations in the world. Its home base is Europe, but Aviko is represented on all continents by its 'own' local people who are familiar with the local situation. This enables Aviko to provide optimal service to the growing global markets.

Aviko supplies retail market products to various countries worldwide, with its number 1 position within Poland and the Netherlands. In 2015, Aviko also moved into the UK Retail convenience market with four potato products.

For the retail market, Aviko has an extensive range of frozen products, including chips, rösti products, pre-formed mashed potato and gratins. Our packaging formats range from 400 g to 1 kg. Besides our potato products, we also offer snacks in 400 g packaging. These include mozzarella fingers, chilli cheddar cheese nuggets, jalapeño snacks and onion rings.

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