Aviko's core values

At Aviko, we work hard each day to create valuable potato products. Ever since our incorporation in 1962, we have been driven by our core values: high quality, passionate, smart, optimistic and persuasive.

Mission: creating value from potatoes

Aviko's aim is to create value from potatoes, allowing both your company and Aviko to grow. Through its close contact with potato growers and customers and strong focus on quality, Aviko's flexible approach results in an extensive range of innovative products.

Vision: inspire more

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At Aviko, inspiration is the basis for success. Inspiration generates numerous opportunities to serve customers better. Aviko potato products provide endless variations to your meals and enable you to always set a tempting dish on the table. In this respect, our customers are our most important knowledge partners. They are a vital source of inspiration in translating local preferences into potato products and sales concepts that are 'fit for purpose'.

Ambition: Sharing our passion for potatoes

Our aim is to introduce the world to our wide range of potato products. Aviko intends to continue strengthening its leading position in Europe in the coming years and to expand its market share in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.