Creamy Gratin Italian

Aviko Premium Gratins: more convenience in your kitchen

Aviko potato gratins not only look good, they taste delicious. The secret is in the steam-cooked potato slices and the delicious sauce from which the potato gratins are made. As a result, the full potato flavour is preserved and the gratins retain their original form, even after a holding time of more than one hour. Aviko has various premium gratin flavours, so there is always a suitable gratin for every dish. Aviko Foodservice currently has the following gratin varieties:
- Potato gratin with broccoli
- Potato gratin with wild mushrooms and cream
- Potato gratin with cream and cheese
- Potato gratin with tomato and mozzarella.


A special version of the Aviko premium potato gratin is the Home-made Gratin. This potato gratin has a creamy taste and looks as though it is home-made because it overflows slightly. The Home-made Gratin is made of steam-cooked potato slices topped with cheese. Naturally, this dish can be prepared in many ways.

Mini Gratins

In addition to the standard gratins, there are now also mini gratins made from forgotten vegetables, for instance. The mini gratin comprises 2 versions: Jerusalem artichoke and parsnip, and asparagus and Parmesan. These products are certainly not inferior to the home-made versions. The mini gratins weigh just 35 grams each and can be used for a variety of different purposes and are easy to portion. These gratins are ideal for buffets and special events, for instance. 

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