Super Crunch Art

SuperCrunch, a winner within our premium fries range!

We are without doubt the world market leader in chilled fries. That creates obligations. We have therefore taken the initiative to introduce innovations onto the market. Our vision in this regard: fries are a party, they are eaten for pure enjoyment.

Aviko's premium fries link unique characteristics to the high quality that you expect from us. Aviko has the crispiest fries ever made: SuperCrunch. This crispiness comes from a special coating that gives the lightly salted SuperCrunch a longer holding time. As a result you will have less product waste. The fries can be prepared in a deep fryer but also in the oven if you wish to reduce the fat content. The SuperCrunch fries have been pre-cooked in sunflower oil containing 88% unsaturated 'good' fats. This has a positive effect on the cholesterol level.

Aviko SuperCrunch fries are available in both the Foodservice and the Retail markets. SuperCrunch is available in the Foodservice market in the following variants: Julienne, Thin Cut and Thick Cut.

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