Paal10: “Focused on customer service”

An interview with the owners of the best dutch terrace of 2011

Text: Rens Groenendijk

Beach pavilion Paal 10 in Ouddorp has its' own beach entrance and is only accessible by foot or bicycle. A large car park is situated behind the dunes. The contemporary restaurant has a year round appeal to many guests. And there are always treats for the dogs.

Paal 10 Aviko interview - Eigenaren

In 2004, Marc Dietvorst (43) and his partner Anne Marie Trommel (42) bought Paal 10. "We decided to open all year round. Outside we can seat 250 and inside we can accommodate 120 guests. On peak days, we sometimes have as many as a thousand guests. Orders vary from a coffee or a snack, a portion of chips or a full meal. Everything is possible, that's our charm. Its' somewhat remote location on the beach seems to attract visitors.

Paal 10 does its utmost to make guests comfortable: there are blankets for when it gets chilly outside, seating areas with piles of cushions and there's always music in the background. Locks are provided for  bicycles  and dogs are welcome. Paal 10 is famous among the residents of Goeree-Overflakkee as well as holidaymakers staying at the numerous camping sites and holiday parks nearby. "Word of mouth is enough for us to do good business with the restaurant in the evening, even outside the season", says Trommel.  

Last year, Paal 10 was voted the best terrace in The Netherlands by the largest foodservice trade magazine in The Netherlands. The jury praised the decor, location and quality of the food and drink, as well as the welcoming staff. Trommel: "We have a great team, people who have worked here for years and are very flexible in terms of working hours'. We use the weather forecast and staff are stand-by for when the sun comes out. Our guest are our main priority we train our staff extensively on how customer service. People need to feel welcome and looked after'.

Paal 10 Aviko interview - terras

Every year, Paal 10 sells over 10,000 kilos of Aviko's Pommes Plus chilled chips. Dietvorst: "Compared with other brands, they're just the best. What's more, the quality is consistant. For deep-frying, I've invested a great deal in gas-fired equipment. This guarantees that the fat is kept at 180 degrees, also when making large quantities." Paal 10 uses Aviko products extensively. "As a side, we often serve Hash Browns and Rounds; in winter Aviko Gratins.

For groups, we regularly like to present something different, like the new Pure & Rustic Fries with a mixed grill buffet. In all, we use eight different Aviko products." Dietvorst loves trying new Aviko products. "This summer, I'm going to put Churros on the menu. They're a kind of donut which I'll serve with hot chocolate sauce. I just know it'll be a hit."