Premium gratins

Aviko potato gratins not only look good, they taste delicious. The secret is in the steam-cooked potato slices and the delicious sauce from which the potato gratins are made. As a result, the full potato flavour is preserved and the gratins retain their original form, even after a holding time of more than one hour. Aviko has various premium gratin flavours, so there is always a suitable gratin for every dish.

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Aviko has the crispiest fries ever made: SuperCrunch. This crispiness comes from a special coating that gives the lightly salted SuperCrunch a longer holding time. As a result you will have less product waste.

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Love the potato!

The potato is rich in nutrients. It contains no fats and has half the calories compared to rice and pasta. It consists of 80 per cent water. For the remainder, the potato contains minerals, vitamins and fibres, and it is a source of starch in the form of complex carbohydrates. The potato therefore fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

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Why choose for Aviko?

Strong focus on customer needs

Strong partnership with growers

Extensive range of potato products

Worldwide logistics service