Aviko Potato is responsible for sourcing and purchasing the potatoes, quality control and the logistics organisation of the raw materials for the Aviko group in Western Europe. Aviko Potato is also involved in raw material issues for the Aviko plants outside Europe. The total annual sales of Aviko Potato total 1,700,000 tonnes of potatoes.

From raw material...

Aviko Potato contracts over one thousand potato growers, both at home and abroad. Particularly in Germany, Belgium and France, Aviko Potato has excellent collaboration partners. During the growing season, Aviko Potato analyses batch samples and monitors quality and circumstances. finished product

Subsequently, Aviko Potato supplies the right potato for the various domestic and foreign production sites of Aviko Group, where cleaning and grading takes place. Finally, the product is processed into potato granules, potato flakes, chilled potato products, frozen and fresh chips and various potato specialities.

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