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Sponsor requests

Aviko connects people, cultures and tastes by bringing joy to tables all over the world. Does your event reflect our mission, and do you satisfy the following conditions? If so, it is possible to send us a sponsor request. 

Want to request sponsoring? Fill in the sponsoring form below. We will examine your request and contact you within 10 working days. We receive numerous sponsor requests. To be eligible, it is therefore important that you satisfy various conditions.

Please note! Read below which sponsor requests we will always reject. Does your request fall into one or more of these categories? In that case, please do not send us a sponsor request. 

The following are excluded from sponsoring:

• Individuals

• Parties without any purpose other than the party itself

• Projects or activities of a religious or political nature

• Activities with prior known safety risks (including food safety risks) and events that may have adverse effects on the environment

• Individual teams within a sports or other club

• Motorised sports events

• Funds or organisations without a transparent flow of funds or organisational form