Aviko connects people, cultures and tastes to tables all over the world. As a global player we have a connecting role throughout the entire chain: ‘from farm to fork’.

Joy for everyone. Now and in the future.

Aviko’s mission is ‘Bringing joy to tables all over the world’. We put our aim in practice by connecting people, cultures and tastes all over the world. Aviko accepts its responsibility and believes in joy for everyone, throughout the chain, from farm to fork. Joy for growers, suppliers, customers, end users, consumers, colleagues and of course our planet. Today and tomorrow.

Aviko believes in the strength of connecting and cooperating throughout the entire chain. With a positive attitude and high international commitment, Aviko's goal is to play a leading role in creating a sustainable, future-proof chain.

To contribute to a better world, Aviko has revised its sustainability strategy and formulated its ambitions based on three principles and three pillars. For Aviko, a better world is a world that is more plant-based, transparent and circular. Aviko focuses on ‘joy for everyone, now and in the future’ by means of three pillars: Proud Farmers, Healthy Earth and Happy People.

Proud farmer

Proud Farmers

With the very best potatoes grown by the very best growers we are able to produce the best products. Thanks to our long-term relationships with our growers and the close involvement of our growers in Aviko, we work together on future-proof potato growing.


Healthy Earth

The key aspect of this pillar is to limit negative environmental impact as a means of counteracting the effects of climate change.

Happy People

Happy People

We consider it important that our products, from farm to fork, are produced and experienced with passion and satisfaction.